How WordPress Plugins Are Beneficial To You

WordPress Plugins Importance

In 2003, when WordPress came into existence, many bloggers used it to start their blog for free. With the increase in its popularity, many people have started their websites on this platform. Not just for blogging, but WordPress is now used for almost every type of site, making it a complete content management system.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its huge plugin repository that allows the WordPress user to extend the capabilities of the site.

All these plugins make it simpler for the administrator to manage the website. Apart from that, these plugins allow to add extra features to your site and make it simpler to use for your visitors.

There are a lot of ways in which the WordPress plugins seem beneficial, and some of the benefits of these are mentioned below:

#1 Marketing

Once the process of website creation in done, it is time to promote the website as much as possible. There are several marketing techniques which are considered the best for spreading the word about your site. Some of the marketing techniques are Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing and so on.

Several WordPress plugins help website owners in promoting their website. Plugins like Email Subscribers and Newsletters and WP Email Capture allow the users to run their marketing campaigns effectively. Moreover, you can notify your users about any activity you do or any changes you make on your website.

#2 Live Chat

Gone are the days when WordPress was merely used for blogging. Today, many of the business owners have WordPress based websites. One of the best things for those business owners is that WordPress plugins allow them to live chat with their consumers directly.

Live Chat

If the consumers face any trouble or issues regarding any of your product or service, then they don’t have to email or contact through phone. All they have to do is visit the website and start a live chat. Consumers like this way of communication as their problems are solved almost instantaneously. Apart from that, it builds a trust on the website and creates a better relationship.

WP Live Chat Support, My Live Chat and Tidio Live Chat are some of the free live chat plugins for a WordPress website.

#3 Makes the Website Faster

We all know that loading time is something which directly affects the traffic on the website. Many people prefer to visit only those websites which have quick loading time which saves their time and efforts. Moreover, search engines also rank those sites which have less loading time compared to others.  With the help of different plugins, a website owner can simply decrease the loading time of the website. These plugins assess and help the website owner to optimise it.

For example, there are plugins that help to customise the website images. Images are usually heavy files and slows down server processing. Plugins like WP Optimise, WP Rocket, and BJ Lazy Load help to optimise images and speed up the website.

#4 No Coding Required

Creating a website requires immense knowledge of coding. This was a huge problem for many people who wanted to have their website but could have one because of the lack of coding knowledge. WordPress eliminated this issue and helped them in having a website but still adding additional features requires coding. This problem has been eliminated by different plugins.

You can add any additional feature you want without the in-depth knowledge of website coding. All you have to do is install the plugin to your WordPress site and configure it. No need to change the coding of the website.

#5 Social Media Share Buttons

Every website owner plans to have as much traffic as possible which could be easily achieved through social media. The readers won’t copy the link every time they want to share their content. Rather, they need specific social media share buttons which can make the sharing process simpler.

Social Media Share buttons

The WordPress repository also has plugins for this as well. It can easily add social media share buttons on each of your web page and let your visitors share the page easily. Some of the plugins are Social Media Share Buttons and Social Sharing Icons, Social Share Buttons, and Floating Sidebar. Each plugin has a different layout, while some may have buttons on the top and others may have a sidebar. Almost every plugin supports all the major social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

#7 Security

Website Security

One of the foremost concerns of every website owner is the security of the website. Not only the data of your website but the personal information of your visitors. WordPress has several plugins that add an extra layer of security to your website, keeping it safe from hacking. The security plugins check your website for any weaknesses and make the necessary changes to your website.

Moreover, there are some plugins which also safeguards your site’s images from getting copied by adding a watermark and passwords. All in One WP Security and Firewall, Wordfence Security, and Bulletproof Security are some of the security plugins used by the majority of the WordPress website owners to enhance their website security.

#8 Higher Rankings of Search Engines

Having a good ranking on search engine result pages helps the website owners in increasing the traffic. There are different ways to get organic rankings, but the best method is effective optimisation. There are a lot of plugins that assist in achieving higher ranking in search engines.

Every plugin performs different functions, but they all have a motive of optimising your website. Some may help you in getting the best keywords for your niche, while others may pick the changes you need to make in your content. There are numerous plugins to increase the SEO of a website, and some of them are Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack.


WordPress has numerous plugins that can optimise the site for better user experience. All these were the benefits of WordPress plugins and how your website can take their advantage.

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