15 Most Popular WordPress Login Page Plugins


If you want to get rid of the boring old default WordPress login page and increase the security from potential website hackers, I present to you the list of popular WordPress login page plugins that will help to fulfil both the above purposes.

Let’s see what they are:

#1 WP Forms

wp forms theme

This is an easy to use form builder plugin for WordPress which comes with a drag and drop feature. It has a powerful login add-on through which you can create a registration page and login forms. This plugin also allows you to add custom CAPTCHA codes like questions and maths Captcha to make the login process even more secure. Moreover, this plugin also has add-ons for different WordPress tools like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Zapier and few more. Furthermore, it also has an Offline Forms add-on which allows the offline users to save their data and submit that data whenever they go online.

#2 Customise WordPress Login Page

customize WordPress login page

As the name describes, this plugin allows you to customise your WordPress login page as per your requirements. You can change the background colour, slideshow, image, login form colour, font size, login form position, and many other customizations. Moreover, you can also redirect your logged in users to some other specific URL after they successfully login to your website. You can add social icons to link their profile to the login forms. The social media websites supported by this plugin are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Skype and many others.

#3 Custom Login

custom login

This plugin is different from any other login plugin for WordPress. Unlike other plugins, the Custom Login plugin allows you to customise your login page with some extensions made available by them. Currently, there are five extensions naming Stealth Login, Page Template, Login Redirects, No Password and Style Pack #1. The Stealth Login hides your login URL, the Page Template extension adds a login form to any WordPress of your choice, the Login Redirects extension redirects your users once they successfully login to your website.  The No Password allows your users to log in to your site without any password, and the Style Pack #1 provides you with four predesigned login styles. Some of the extensions are currently in development stage and provide even more customisations to the users.

#4 No Login Email Address

no login by email

By default, WordPress allows you to log in through email id or username. Some people believe that email ids are easier to guess rather than usernames. This plugin enables the website owners to restrict the users from logging in through email ids. This feature will stop the hackers who try to log in to your website’s user’s accounts to steal personal information.

#5 Memphis Custom Login

memphis custom login

If you are looking for a plugin which will allow you to modify the appearance of your WordPress login page, then Memphis Custom Login is the one for you. All you need to do is navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard and visit the Tools section. From there you will easily be able to change the looks and feel of your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can add a custom logo, modify background colour, hide messaging, hide back to blog link, hide forgot password link and much more.

#6 Sexy Login

sexy login

This plugin allows you to ditch your boring WordPress login page and uses Ajax and jQuery effects to modify your login page. Moreover, this plugin also lets you add a login widget to your WordPress. Some other features of this plugin include Ajax login, Ajax register form, Ajax lost password form, ReCaptcha verification for login and register forms, forced SSL logins, fall-back mechanism, forgot password request and much more. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and can be used in almost every major web browser.

#7 Theme My Login

theme my login

The Theme My Login plugin modifies your login page as per your current theme. The plugin replaces the wp-login.php file with its own created page using a template from your current theme. Moreover, this plugin also comes with a sidebar login widget to ease the login process. Other features of this plugin encompass matching pages for registration, login, and password recovery, ability to assign custom links to logged in users, show Gravatars to logged in users, customise user emails for registration, send HTML emails to users and much more.

#8 Tailored Login

tailored login

This is a user-friendly plugin which allows you to customise your WordPress login page effortlessly. With this plugin, you can customise your login page background, login form header, login form button, login form and widgets. This plugin comes with other features including style manager which allows you to customise the basic colour scheme, ability to add up to two widgets to the login page, custom background and header images, and one year member for premium support and updates. Apart from that, you can customise the fonts and widgets area of your login page as well.

#9 Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

erident custom login

This plugin allows you to add a custom logo to your login page easily. You have an option to hide register, lost passwords and redirection links from the login page. In addition to that, you modify the background images, colours, texts and many other things. Some other features of this plugin include ability to change footer texts, jQuery colour picker, enable shadow for on the login page, change login button colour, hide forgot password link, and import or export settings within other websites.

#10 Temporary Login without Password

temporary login without password

This plugin generates a self-expiring login WordPress links for your website developers to give access to your website. The developers only need to click on the link created by this plugin and they will automatically login to your website. You have full power to choose the duration of the validity of the link and the duties of the developers. Moreover, if you want to stop the access for that link, then you can do that too by deleting the created link from the list.

#11 Birds Custom Login

The Birds Custom Login plugin allows you to add a full screen background image to your login page which will automatically fit in the size of the window. This plugin has a responsive design and allows you to set a custom logo to your website and if you don’t wish to upload any custom logo, then this plugin shows the default WordPress logo. There are tons of other features of this plugin including background colour, rounded or squared form, form label colour, form style, live preview and many more. Moreover, this plugin has a premium version which comes with some additional features like transparent colours, ability to link external images, instant previews, and import and export of settings.

#12 Login Lockdown

In most cases, when the hackers try to login to a website, they try different passwords until they successfully guess the right one. WordPress does not lock down the users who try the wrong password numerous times, which allows the hackers to easily get inside the website. The Login Lockdown plugin disables the login option for a specific IP address for some time if more than specific number of login attempts are done. The default setting of the plugin is one hour lockdown for three failed login attempts within five minutes. You can easily change these settings as per your needs from the options panel of this plugin.

#13 Tesla Login Customizer

tesla login customizer

Similar to other login customizers, the Tesla Login Customizer allows the users to modify the login page into a more appealing and professional one. With this plugin, you can customise your login, register, and forgot password page. In addition to that, you can change the layout of the login form for some additional security. Another great feature of this plugin is the template picker which allows the user to pick any of the predefined templates designed by the professionals. Also, you can hide loge, change logo image, size type, width, height, and image title.

#14 Nextend Facebook Connect

nextend facebook connect

Allow your users to login on your website through Facebook with this plugin. Your users won’t have to fill out all the necessary registration forms as all their data will be extracted from their Facebook profile. Also, this plugin shows the display picture of your Facebook profile as the default avatar of your users.

#15 WP Security Question

This plugin allows you to add a security question to your login page and enhance your website security. You can choose the number of questions and show or hide the security question on the registration page. There is a pro version of this plugin which comes with extra features like multiple questions, ability to provide answer hints, and many others.


These were some of the best plugins for customising the login page of WordPress. Some plugins can enhance the user experience of your website, and others will improve its security. Lastly, some of the plugins may charge a fee to provide its services.

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