10 WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

email marketing wordpress plugins

At some point, every blogger thinks that they should have the maximum number of subscribers. This is not an easy task to accomplish, but still, there are few marketing techniques that will support your plan and assist you in achieving your goals.

Social media has emerged as the most widely used thing on the internet, but how do we create a social media account? The answer is through Email which is known as the most effective way to connect with others.

Email is used for both for leisure and for marketing. Email marketing has become quite a popular in the past decade, mainly because of its reach and its user base. It is a false belief that email marketing is expensive and can only be afforded by bigger brands. Many bloggers use email marketing as the primary method to engage with their blog subscribers.

While some of the plugins are paid, still there are legions of plugins that are available for free. Below are some of the free, most effective and widely used WordPress plugins for email marketing. Most of these plugins are available with paid licenses as well for additional features and integration capabilities.

#1 SendPress Newsletters

SendPress Plugin

Developed by SendPress, this WordPress plugin is easy to use and has tons of features. You can customise your email templates and edit your content anytime you want. Some of its features include unlimited subscribers, HTML and text versions of Newsletters, code-free editor, single and double opt-in, tracking or email and much more.

If you like the free features of this plugin, then you can choose to go for its premium version which has some of the exclusive features like API sending for Mandrill, Elastic Mail, extended report details, custom HTML templates, spam score and one year of premium updates and support.

#2 ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Plugin

Comes with an Ajax widget for subscription and debug tool, this plugin is surely the one to help you increase the number of blog subscribers. You can write and send both HTML and text newsletters and choose the recipients from the mailing lists. It is a multilingual plugin that can help you in easily managing the subscribers. Moreover, you can import or export the subscribers from a CSV file or the existing registered users.

#3 Easy Sign Up

Easy Sign Up Plugin

This plugin is easy to use and will allow you to promote your blog or website through email marketing. With the help of this plugin, you can generate a customised HTML greeting email which will be received by the visitor. One of its impressive features is the auto-responder. This feature will automatically reply to your visitors and take them to your desired page. Some of its other features include lead collection, squeeze page, and email address collection.

#4 Arigato Autoresponder and Newsletter

Arigato Plugin

If you want to have a plugin that will automatically respond to the messages and newsletters, then this one is right for you. There is no limit on the number of emails sent, but messages can only be sent after a specific number of days after the registration.  You can manage your mailing list, add or remove members and it also includes a registration form for your WordPress website.

#5 Icegram

Icegram Plugin

Icegram is another free to use WordPress plugin that will assist you in acquiring more subscribers to your website. It is easy to setup and has professional features like unlimited optin forms, mobile-friendly design, result tracking, automatic updates, no watermark or branding, and template gallery. It offers four different optin types, well timed popups, sleek action bars, attention grabbing toast notifications, and appealing slide-in messengers.

All the above were some of the free features you get with Icegram. If you want to expand your reach even more, then you can anytime go for their professional packs which come with even more features.

#6 Scroll Triggered Box

scrollbox plugin

It is developed by Dreamgrow and has a four-star rating. This free WordPress plugin is a fully customisable email opt-in box that will catch the attention of your visitors and make them your subscribers. You have full control on the position of this plugin and on its design (if you want to have your HTML design).

If the visitor wishes to hide the Scroll Triggered Box, then you have the option to set the duration of time for which the box will stay hidden. Designing the appearance of the box and saving it as a template is also possible in this plugin.

#7 MailPoet 3

MailPoet Plugin

This is third and latest version of the MailPoet which certainly adds more features to the plugin. One of its best features that you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers if they are less than two thousand. This plugin is constantly updated and keeps on adding new features like modern designs and templates, configuration options, better user experience and many others.

Also, there is a paid version of this plugin which adds, even more, features to it including removal of MailPoet logo, automated welcome emails and autoresponders and links liked by the new subscribers. The best part about this plugin is that you can enjoy these amazing features for free, all you must do is sign up for any of their sending plans, and you are free to use their premium features.

#8 Sendit


If you want to send newsletters to your subscribers, then this should be your choice. You can create your content to send to your subscribers, or you can just extract from the blog posts. This template is simple to use, and its feature includes double opt-in subscription widget, sending posts with an image, sending newsletters within your WordPress website and SMTP integration.

You can pay to enjoy features like Sendit Pro Scheduler, CSSInliner, CSV Export, and Campaign Tracker. Additionally, if you have multiple email lists, then you edit the template for every email list if you want.

#9 Subscribe2

Subscribe2 Plugin

Subscribe2 will notify your selected list of subscribers whenever you upload new content to your WordPress blog. It has been downloaded more than 70,000+ times and is very easy to use. It also allows users to subscribe to your blog by simply submitting their email address so that they could receive your updates. Additionally, this plugin supports four types of formats to send emails, and those are plaintext excerpt, plaintext full post, HTML full post and HTML excerpt.

#10 HubSpot

HubSpot Plugin

Without a doubt, this plugin is one of the best marketing WordPress plugins available in the market. It easily configures and is lightweight. It guides you about your best pages so that you can optimise them for better conversion. Furthermore, this plugin easily integrates with market leading software like MailChimp, Shopify, and Magento. It operates with a single database to view and manage your contacts, and a follow-up form sent through emails to your subscriptions.

You can add contact form and pop-ups with this tool and even have an option to choose among different types of pop-ups. Overlay modals are the ones which appear above the page content, Top Banners are small banners that appear on the top of the web page, and Slide-in boxes are those which glides either from the side or the bottom of the page.


Email is recognised as the most widely used network for communication and as well as for marketing. With the help of the plugins mentioned above, you can easily make use of the email for marketing and promote your content effectively and efficiently. But, the success of the marketing campaign depends on your work and how you use the plugin.

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