WordPress 4.9 Changes – New Features and Updates


With the release of WordPress 4.9 on November 14, 2017, here is your complete guide to understanding the fantastic features of this new edition.

#1 Changes Scheduler

change scheduler

With the latest WordPress 4.9 update, you can now edit the design of your website template and save it as a draft in the Live Customizer.

Unlike earlier, you will not have to publish every single change to your WordPress theme immediately. You can now quickly toggle between Save and Publish options.

In case you are not sure about the changes you are doing, and you do not want to publish them on your live site, you can simply save all your changes in the draft and publish them later, whenever you are sure about it.

Additionally, WordPress 4.9 allows you to set a scheduled time to publish all your saved template changes. To schedule the changes, out of the three option you just need to select “Schedule”, and your changes will be set to go online on the specified date and time.

With WordPress 4.9 you can also send the link to the saved draft to your friends, colleagues, or clients so that they can also review the design and help you design a great site. To do so, this upgrade provides you “Share Preview Link” option. First, save the changes as a draft and then click on the “Copy” button below Share Preview Link option. Paste it into your email or WhatsApp and click “Send”.

#2 New Widget For Gallery

New Widget For Gallery

As we all know, WordPress already offers image widget and media widget for easy website setup, its 4.9 upgrade now offers a Gallery Widget for better accessibility.

With this new widget addition, you can create and edit a native gallery in your site’s widget area. The options you get with this amazing Gallery widget are Upload, add, edit and delete the image.

#3  Text Widget Media Embed Option

Wordpress 4.9 add image

With the new 4.9 upgrade, you no longer have to get into HTML coding to add media in your text widget. The WordPress team has added a new “Add Media Button” on the top left of your Text Widget for you to quickly add audio, video and images. This means, now you can display pictures and your trending videos in your site header, footer and sidebar without any hassle.

#4 Advanced Menu Creation

Advanced Menu Creation

If you already have a WordPress site and you have been using WordPress 4.8, you must have had critical issues while trying to create your site menu. You must have noticed with WordPress 4.8, every time you create a new set of menu, you need to set a specific location for the same. In case, you forget to set the menu location, you will not be able to see your menu live on the site.

With the new WordPress 4.9 upgrade, this issue has been permanently resolved. If you want to create a new menu for your website you just need to click “Create New Menu” button. After clicking this button, WordPress will give you a prompt to add name and menu location on a single screen. This means, you will never forget to add a location to the site, and then you will never have to face the lost menu issue.

After you add a name and location, you will be asked to add pages and categories to the new menu. However, after adding all the menu items, if you feel you need to change the menu location, you just need to click “View all locations” option and set up a new position.

If you already have menus, when you reach the menus section, the “View All Locations” will show you a list of predefined locations.

#5 Easy Code Editing Options

code editor

With all new WordPress 4.9, you get improved options for code editing. Unlike earlier, you will not have to get into all the messy code files of your themes. This upgrade gives you advanced plugin/theme editor and custom CSS editor options.

If you want to make changes in your CSS code, you can do it through the “Additional CSS” editor where the system will automatically show you syntax highlights and code suggestions. In some cases, this new WordPress can also auto-complete your web code. It can even easily fix basic syntax errors.

If you are already a pro in CSS coding, you also have options to disable the highlighting syntax option. This means that the new WordPress 4.9 is created keeping in mind the needs of all beginners, intermediate and professional users.

#6 Global Notification Area

Global Notification Area

Until now, WordPress never used to generate a failure or success message, when you try to leave the editing page. It only used to show an indication of favourable changes, with the enabled or disabled preview of the “Save & Publish” button.

Now, with the upgrade, you will see a prompt message in Global Notification Area, when you edit, save or publish any changes in your WordPress theme. With Global Notification area here we mean the space below the “Save & Publish” Button.

Other than the main features, WordPress 4.9 offers many other features for developers, coders and all those who have an integrated knowledge of WordPress and its functioning. These new elements are:

  • Browse new themes besides the pre-installed themes in the customizer area.
  • When you make any changes in your site widgets and click Save, the “Save” button will change into “Saved in a disabled view.
  • Improved security for changing admin email id.

This is all about the new version of WordPress. However, if you want to enjoy the fresh interface and experience the change on your own, get upgraded to WordPress 4.9 today.

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