SociallyViral Theme Review


An in-depth review of the SociallyViral theme, which is useful for viral content bloggers. 

To enhance the appearance of a website, many WordPress site owners install different themes. You can install both free and premium themes on your site. Free themes surely won’t hit your pockets, but they can never be effective and feature-packed as the premium ones. There are themes for every type of website, be it a simple blog or an ecommerce. If you are looking for an excellent theme for your blog that comes with tons of features, then the SociallyViral theme is one for you.

SociallyViral Theme

In today’s world, almost everyone researches on the Internet before making even the smallest of purchase. Here we present you with a complete review of the SociallyViral theme so that people like you can determine whether they should buy it or not.

This theme has an average rating of 4.5 stars on MyThemeShop and has been reviewed by 100+ users. As the name describes, the theme is designed with the idea of helping the bloggers in creating trending content that can go viral on the various social media platforms. It comes with tons of features like great customer service, plugins, and different colour schemes.

Below we present an in-depth review of this theme that will help you in knowing more.

Support for WooCommerce

One of the main reasons why people create a website is to earn a livelihood. Many website owners start with blogging, and as the time passes by, they start their ecommerce. If you are planning the same, then this theme supports WooCommerce out of the box. You can quickly create and manage your ecommerce and earn profits as well.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Without a doubt, building a website layout is one of the most daunting tasks. Earlier, the website owners needed to tweak in various codes which made the page building process complex. This theme comes with an inbuilt page builder that you can use to develop the layout of your site easily. With this feature, there is no limitation to design your website, and you can design your website in any way you want.

Social Media Buttons

Social media has the power to make an ordinary content into a trending content. The more users share the content, the better traffic your website will get. One of the highlighting features of this theme is the floating social media buttons.

You don’t need any additional plugins to add social media button to your website. The benefit of having the floating social media buttons is that they always stay in front of the user so, if they want to share the content, then they don’t have to look out for the buttons as they will always stay on the screen. In addition to that, they are placed in such a way that they don’t distract the readers.


Your regular visitors may check your blog for any new updates and a new post, but you new users probably won’t follow the same practice. The best way to update both your new and existing readers is by adding a subscription box to your site.


The SociallyViral theme comes with an in-built subscription box that updates your users about any activity on your website. This box is quite flexible and can be adjusted wherever you want it to be. This feature will not only increase the traffic on your site but will also enhance the number of daily visitors.

Loading Effects

Appearance plays a key role while generating the user base. If a website is unappealing, then there is a very little chance that they will stay on it. Keeping that thing in mind, this theme provides the user with four different loading effects. In addition, this theme also supports lazy loading that enhances the overall speed of the site.

AdSense Support

The ultimate aim of every website is to earn money. One of the easiest methods of earning extra money through your website is by integrating AdSense. AdSense allows you to display advertisements on your website and you will be paid whenever a user clicks on the site. With this theme, you can easily integrate your AdSense campaign with your site. All you need to do is open the theme settings and paste the AdSense code in the desired place, and the ad will be displayed.


This theme provides you with the flexibility of placing the ad wherever you want, be it the header or below the post or anywhere else.

Featured Post

Without a doubt, there are some posts better than the others. This post may have more comments and likes than any other post, being the reason you should display that post more than any other. This theme comes with a featured post section which includes your most popular post. This featured post will be shown on the homepage of your website so that the readers will get to know about that post before any other.

Responsive Design

In today’s digital world, most of the people prefer reading on mobile devices rather than desktops. The reason to use a mobile phone is that it is easier to use and can be carried anywhere they want. Be it travelling or waiting for someone; people can read on mobile devices whenever they want which is why your website should have a responsive design. This theme comes with a fully responsive layout that can make your site fit in to screen of any size. In addition to that, having a responsive design is also good for your SEO campaign.

Trending Post

We have already mentioned that this theme can display your featured post on the homepage. Apart from that, it can also show the most trending post on your website. It analyses the pages which are getting a maximum number of views and displays them at your homepage or any other page of your choice so that other users could know about it.

The difference between the featured post and the trending post is that you can choose which post should be showcased as featured whereas the trending post is displayed as per the traffic on the post. In addition to that, it can detect the most popular places of your website and places your trending post at that place which can enhance the views even further.

SEO Friendly

Almost every website thrives to achieve the top spot on the search engine result pages. There are many practices that can enhance the rank of a website and one of them includes choosing an SEO friendly theme. The SociallyViral theme is completely SEO friendly and will assist you in getting a better rank. This theme is lightweight and can load faster which is a great thing for search engines. Moreover, this theme can be easily integrated with all the major Google SEO tools like Google Search Console.

Video Post Type

Apart from images and text, the other most popular post type is the video post. Most of the websites consider video posts as their priority mainly because they are easy to understand. This theme comes with video post type that you can use to create engaging content. You can either upload videos directly to your site, or you can embed videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Multiple Shortcodes and Fonts

Shortcodes help in customising the website effortlessly. This theme has a ton of shortcodes that you can use to add columns, tabs, videos and many other things to your content. In addition to that, this theme also comes integrated with numerous Google Fonts that allow you to customise the style of your content.

Child Theme Support

Most of the website designers prefer to work with child themes as they are more secure and can act as a testing platform. In addition to that, a child theme can also act as a backup of your main theme. If you are among those designers, then this theme should be your choice. The SociallyViral support child theme creation that you can use to customise your website.

Rating System

Rating your content can help your users in finding the best content on your website. This theme has an inbuilt rating system that allows you to rate any post, picture, video or any other thing. In addition to that, your users can also rate anything on your website. Apart from rating, your readers can also post their reviews on the content that will not only help other readers but will also help you in finding the vulnerabilities and improving your content.

These were some of the highlighting features of the SociallyViral theme. There are other common features of this theme like:

  • retina readiness,
  • support for major free and premium plugins,
  • breadcrumbs,
  • unlimited sidebars,
  • multiple widget support,
  • Font Awesome Icon support


The SociallyViral theme is a multipurpose theme that has some impressive features. This theme supports all the major plugins that you can use to improve your website. If you face any issues while using this theme, then you can anytime contact their customer support that can assist you in solving the issue in no time.

SociallyViral Theme Review
  • Simplified Setup
  • eCommerce Readiness
  • Retina Ready & Multilingual
  • Affordable

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