How to Do Lead Generation in WordPress Like a Pro?

Learn Lead Generation Like a PRO

Many people start their business website with an aim to become the very best. However, the first problem they face is of finding sufficient business for their website. People are unaware of the practices which will assist them in getting the work they deserve. If you are among those users, then you should invest your time in a lead generation. It is the process of connecting with new people who are interested in doing work with your company.  In most cases, all these people are complete strangers and will only contact for your work.

Some people know about the lead generation process but are still unable to get more business. The problem with these people is that they know about the lead generation, but are unaware of the right practices involved in it.

Lead Generation is not just contacting the people rather it is about converting them into your clients. In addition to that, you are not only connecting with them just to earn a profit, though it will be your primary motive, but you are looking to create a lasting relationship with them. This relation will help you in getting constant work with these clients and may also result in getting business from their recommendations as well. These were some of the basic reasons for doing lead generation. To help you know more about it, we have mentioned some of the major reasons of why lead generation is essential for every business.

#1 Stand Still with Competitors

Without competition, a market is called a monopoly. If there is only one business working in the specific area, then ultimately all the people will only rush towards that business owner as only that business will be able to help them in their work. However, this situation was common decades ago which is not possible in the 21st century. Now there is a lot of competition for every business, and they are doing everything they could to eliminate the competition, and you should do it as well.

Almost every business is investing their time and money in lead generation as it is the primary source of new business. So, if your competitors are doing it, you should also do it, but in a better way. Research about the new methods of lead generation that will help you in getting an edge over your competitors.

#2 Understand People Behaviour

People have different needs and behavior on the internet. By contacting different people online, you will get to know their online behavior like how they spend their time online, the process they prefer for online purchases, how much they online portals, and their research procedure. This information will help you in targeting the right audience and getting a detailed report on your campaign.

#3 Ever Growing Work

The primary reason for lead generation is to get maximum work, and you need work until lifetime, not just for today or tomorrow. Lead generation ensures that you get a lot of business till you want. With this practice, you are creating new contacts which will be ready to do business with you and may also provide them with new work.

These were the reasons why you should be investing your time in a lead generation. WordPress is the ideal platform for beginner users and comes with tons of features that can be used by the advanced users as well. Though everyone’s approach is different from to others, but the basics are the same for every individual. If you are struggling with lead generation for your WordPress website, then here we present you with some of the best ways to handle lead generation.

The first thing you need to have is an email marketing service. The internet is loaded with tons of email marketing software, but the key is to choose the right one which will provide you with the features that fit your requirements. Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and AWeber are some of the best email marketing software for WordPress. All of them are easy to use and doesn’t need any guidelines to configure them.


The best thing about WordPress is that it is loaded with numerous features that can help the user in different tasks including lead generation. You can use different parts of your site like the comment section, the contact form, opt-in forms and many other parts. It may sound confusing to some of the users which is why we have explained all the techniques that you can use for generating new leads.

#1 Generating Leads via Contact Form

Whenever a user wants to contact the website owner or the management, one thing that they look for is the contact details or the contact form. This form includes all the necessary fields that will help your user in conveying their message. You can easily add necessary fields and remove some of the fields which are not required. However, the default WordPress contact form is very basic and comes with a few of the configuration options and fields.

If you want to expand the contact form functionality, then you can use the WPForms plugin. This is an easy to use the plugin and has many pre-built templates which can be used to create forms to fulfill different needs. In addition to that, this plugin supports many different plugins like Aweber and MailChimp.


Now you know about this plugin, but the real question is how you can use it for lead management. The answer to this question is by creating different lead generation forms on your website. You can create a contact form effortlessly by installing and activating this plugin. Once activated, head over to the WordPress admin area and navigate to WPForms> Add New page.

This page will open a new form setup page where you need to provide a name and the template you want to choose for the form. You can choose any of the templates, or you can create a form manually. One of the best things about this plugin is that it comes with an inbuilt drag and drop feature which makes it easier for you to customise your form. After making all the changes to your forms, you need to press the Save button to use this form for lead generation.

After creating a contact form, you need to set up redirects to any of your website’s page or a custom URL after successful submission. Another great thing about this plugin is that you don’t need any other plugin to set up redirections as this plugin comes integrated with this feature. To add redirection, all you have to do is open the plugin’s settings and head over to the Confirmation option. The best you can do is redirect your users to any offer or discount page or any other page where they can get a trial of your product completely free of cost. After adding the redirection, make sure to click on the save changes button.

Another approach to enhance your email list via contact form is by adding a newsletter. As your users will be entering their email address in the contact form, they are automatically contributing to your email list. However, you can add a newsletter option to that form so that your users can subscribe to it at the same time. All you need to do is connect your forms to your email list and add the newsletter checkbox to the form. Don’t forget to save the changes to the form.

Now every time a user fills your form, they will be asked that whether they want to subscribe to their contact form or not. Without a doubt, you will require an email marketing plugin that can help you in sending newsletters to your subscribers automatically. You can choose from different plugins, but the recommended one is the MailChimp which has effective features that can take your email marketing campaign to the next level.


#2 Generating Leads via Comment Section

One of the most widely used parts of any blog or article is the comment section. It is the primary medium for connecting with the website owner. In addition to that, most of the people post their reviews and suggestions in the comment box which helps the writer in knowing the changes they have to make in the content. However, whenever the user posts a comment on a website, it opens the same page and nothing else. You can make use of this thing and again set up redirection to any other page of your website. You can thank your users for commenting on your post, or you can redirect them to any offer or contest page where they can enjoy exclusive commenter benefits.

Similar to the contact form method, you need to install and activate a plugin. Here you need to activate the Yoast Comment Hacks plugin to your WordPress website. It is a free to use plugin can help you set up redirections after the user has successfully commented on your website. Make sure to activate the plugin after installing it or else you won’t be able to use it on your website.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, the next thing you need to do is head over to your WordPress admin dashboard and open the Settings> Comment Hacks page. Here you can see different configuration tabs, but you need to open the Comment Redirect tab. Now the plugin will ask you the page where you want to redirect your users. Go ahead and choose from the drop-down menu and hit the Save Changes button.

Yoast Comments Hack

All your commenters will be redirected to the desired page. It is best to create a new page for all these users and customise it as per your user base.

Apart from that, there is another approach that you can use to target your commenters is by enabling the comment subscription option. By default, WordPress doesn’t notify the user once they have posted the comment or any reply they get. To check the reply of a comment, they have to visit the website manually. This situation increases the efforts of the users which is why most of the replies go unnoticed. Besides that, when people know that they have to check this website for any comments manually, they are very less likely to post any new comment.

You can solve this problem with the help of comment subscription feature. With this feature, you can convert your commenters into your subscribers. The primary thing you need is the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. It is a free plugin that you can install directly from the WordPress plugin store. After installing and activating the plugin, you need to navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard and open the Settings> Subscribe to the Comments page.

Here you can see different tabs to configure the plugin, but you need to open the Comment Form tab from the options. These settings work out of the box, but you can customise them as per your website’s requirements. Now your users can either comment on the post and get notified about any thread on the post, or they also have another option where they can simply click on the Subscribe button to get

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Comment Form

You can easily manage the all your comment subscriptions by simply navigating to the Settings> Subscribe to the Comments page. Here you need to open the Manage Subscriptions tab and specify the URL which your users will receive in the subscription email. With this URL, they can manage their subscription and unsubscribe to your emails easily. To customise the subscription page, you need to head over to the Settings> Subscribe to the Comments page. Here you need to open the Management Page and modify the contents of your subscription page.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded Management Page

#3 Using Different Lead Generation Tools and Plugins

One of the foremost reasons behind the popularity of WordPress is the availability of different plugins and support for various tools. WordPress has a plugin for almost everything, and that includes lead generation as well. Here we present you with some of the best lead generation plugins that will help you in building your email list.

#1 OptinMonster

The OptinMonster is a premium WordPress plugin that comes with tons of features for lead generation. It is an easy to use opt-in form builder that comes with drag and drop builder. You don’t have to be a coding expert to work with this plugin as you can easily customise the forms with the inbuilt builder. You get to choose from different premade form designs and customise them in any way you want. If you don’t want to use any of the predesigned form templates, then this plugin gives you an option to create a fresh form from scratch as well.

The best way to target the audience is according to their geo-location. This plugin comes with an inbuilt feature which helps you in targeting the right audience as per their geo-location. If you have an ecommerce, then you can present them with a custom campaign specifically made as per their location.


A form should appear appealingly, or else it will get unnoticed by the user, and all your efforts will go to waste. To help you in that situation, the OptinMonster provides you with around twenty-six different animation effects that will drag the attention of the user towards it.

Moreover, this plugin comes with different form types that can fulfill the needs of every website owner. Some of the form types are lightbox popup, slide-in scroll box, floating bar, full-screen welcome mat and many others. Some other highlighting features of this plugin are a content locker, custom success message, mobile-friendly forms, multi-step forms, multiple integrations and many more.

#2 Thrive Leads

With features like advanced targeting, drag, and drop form builder, and a/b testing engines, the Thrive Leads is one of the best lead generation plugins. This plugin can not only help you in creating amazing opt-in forms but will also assist you analyzing their performance. It provides you with a complete report on the performance of each of your forms and will let you know about the forms which need modifications.

Some of the users take opt-in forms as a useless thing and close them as soon as they appear. All these users can demotivate the website owner from putting their efforts in these forms. However, with this plugin, you can only make these forms appear to those users who want to see them. It allows you to set up a two-step signup process where the form will appear only when the user clicks on the call to action. You can add the lightbox form to any of the text or button of your choice. This feature ensures that only the genuine people add up to your email list and enhances the conversion rate of your website.


This plugin comes with different types of forms including popup lightbox, sticky ribbon, in-line forms, slide-in and many others. Moreover, you can also add your opt-in form as a widget in any of your sidebars. Providing the content only to the genuine users is the best way to determine that you only get the right users who can be converted into your client. This plugin comes with a content lock feature which only displays the content once the user has subscribed to your site. Many far-famed sites like Quora are using this feature to build their subscriber list, and you should use it as well.

How to Effectively Use These Forms for Lead Generation?

WordPress comes with an inbuilt feature to create opt-in forms, but the customizations are limited, and you only get the basic stuff which is why there is need to use these plugins to create amazing forms. Most of the people do install these plugins on their website, but they don’t know how to get the most out of it. If you are wondering the same, then here we present you with some of the forms which are well known to expand an email list.

#1 Full Screen Welcome Gates

This is a self-explanatory form where the user will witness a full-screen form as soon as they enter your website. You can either use this form to display advertisements, or you can use it to show your opt-in form to increase the number of subscribers. As this form will appear automatically and before anything else on the website, it is surely going to catch the attention of the user and will help you in lead generation.

#2 Slide-In Boxes

Another great form type is the slide-in box where the opt-in form appears with an alluring animation. This animation looks more appealing than any other basic form and is sure to grab the attention of the user. Moreover, you can also customise the effects as per your needs as these plugins come with tons of personalization options and effects.

#3 Using OptinMonster’s Exit Intent Technology

One of the best things about OptinMonster is its Exit-Intent technology. It analyses the user behavior on the website and identifies the actions a user take before leaving the site. By analyzing this behavior, the plugin displays the form just before the user is about to leave the website. Unlike other forms which makes you look like a desperate website owner who is asking the users for subscribing to the site, these types of forms look decent and will only appear once the user is done using the website. It gives them the opportunity to examine the website and identify whether they should subscribe to it or not.

#4 Sticky Bars

Almost everyone prefers to use sticky navigation bars on their website to help the user find their way on the website. The main reason for using these types of navigation bar is that they always appear on the screen and eliminates the task of finding the bar. With that thing in mind, people also prefer using the floating opt-in forms as they are always noticeable on the screen no matter where your user is scrolling. These types of forms don’t distract the user from your website’s main content and provide the user with an option to hide these forms from the screen.

Customising the Submission Page

Just after your user has submitted the form, they will receive a success message that they have successfully submitted the form and subscribed to the website. However, the basic message looks boring and less interactive which is why most of the people ignore these message. The best way to grab the attention of the user and convert them into your permanent subscribers is by using lead magnets.

Lead magnets are any perk you provide to the user once they have completed a specific task on your website. These tasks could be anything including signing up for your website. The perks you offer could depend on your website and could be any discount coupons, free subscription pack, a demo of any of your product, any eBook or any other product you are providing on your site. All these items are called lead magnets as they act as a magnet for catching leads for your website. When a user knows that they will get something in return for subscribing to your site, there are high chances that they will subscribe to the site. So, it is best to offer something in return to the user so that they get the motivation to sign up on your website.

Why is Lead Generation Strategies Not Working?

Sometimes even after following all the practices, the lead generation process doesn’t show results, and the website owner is not able to enhance their email list. There are some mistakes that people make in the process which is the reasons behind the failure of their campaign. Here we present you with some of the commonest mistakes people commit while generating leads so that you can avoid them.

#1 Wrong Target

Targeting the right people is the key to a successful lead generation. However, most of the people are unaware of their target and aim blindly at everybody they encounter. People will only subscribe to a site when they are interested or if they are getting any benefit from that. If they are completely uninterested in your site, then there is no chance that they will even look at your forms and will ultimately washout your efforts you put in targeting them. You need to be very careful while targeting the right people or else your campaign will fail as well. In addition to that, you need to stay updated with the latest trends that these people are following and update them about your new products as well.

#2 Buying Leads

When people are unable to generate leads organically, they reach out to people who can help them in buying the leads. However, buying leads may help in reaching the short-term goals, but it won’t help in meeting the ultimate goal of lead generation, and that is meeting the long-term goals for your company. Moreover, buying leads can harm your IP reputation and sometimes these people can mark your website as spam.

#3 Ignoring the Blog for Lead Generation

Having a blog on a website helps in increasing the rankings of a website on search engine result pages. Moreover, people look for the blog page of a website to know more about the company and the latest happenings in the organization. Mere having a blog page with a few blog posts is not helpful for generating leads. People ignore that they can convert their blog readers into their permanent clients. Blogs drive traffic on a website and attract many new users towards it which is the reasons why this important part of a website shouldn’t be ignored. You need to continue blogging so that it can drive more traffic and generate leads for your organization.

#4 Just Promoting The Products or Services

One of the biggest mistake people commit while generating leads is that they promote their product and only tell how good and remarkable their product really is. However, this approach will ultimately leave an impression of a flaunter and make the user lose interest. Your approach should be audience based and should tell your users that how your product or service can help the user. The best way to promote your product is after they subscribed to your website. After subscribing, they will surely want to know more about your products and educate themselves as much as they can so that they can invest their money in getting it.

#5 Being Impatient

Good thing comes to those who wait and that include leads as well. The lead generation is not an overnight process where you can get results instantly; rather it takes its time and will provide you with the leads at its pace. Don’t quit your strategy if it is not showing results in a few days. You need to wait for few months before jumping to any conclusions. Make sure to keep all the factors and tips in mind and success will surely reach your doorstep. No matter how slow it shows results, you should never buy leads.

#6 Keep an Eye on the Numbers

Many people start the lead generation process but don’t bother about calculating the number of leads they generate. The best way to improve the performance is finding out the performance and identify its vulnerabilities. By monitoring the performance, you can get to know the campaigns which are working and which needs immediate attention. Apart from that, you will also get to know the source of the leads, and which source is providing you with the best results.


By following all these tips, you can easily increase your email list and boost sales. You can use any of the mentioned plugins as they are far-famed for providing results and are equipped with tons of features. Make sure to avoid these mistakes as they can deteriorate the performance of your lead generation campaign.

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