15 Most Popular Image Management Plugins


We all know that having good quality content combined with necessary keywords could boost the rankings of the website on the search engine result pages. But, little did we know that images play a vital role in enhancing the ranking of a website.

If you are looking for the best image management plugins for WordPress, then here we present you some of the best plugins.

#1 Envira Gallery

The Envira Gallery is one of the most widely used image management plugins. It is a responsive plugin that comes with drag and drop builder that lets you create photo and video galleries with ease. It also comes with preloaded gallery templates which can be accessed in all desktops and smartphones.

envira gallery

One distinctive feature of this plugin is that it allows you to add tags to your photos, create albums, and select its cover photo. You also get social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more. Additionally, this plugin can also protect your images from theft by adding watermark.

#2 Enhanced Media Library

This plugin allows you to categorise images and videos within the WordPress admin dashboard. You can also add tags to your website’s media files. This plugin is completely compatible with the native shortcodes. You can even add new MIME types, and delete the active ones.

enhanced media library

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with loads of other WordPress plugins including WooCommerce, Search and Filter, Justified Gallery, Meow Lightbox, I Order Terms, Document Gallery and more.

#3 Gallery

The Galley is a lightweight WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage image galleries. The plugin is easy to use and fast as well. Your website’s visitors will witness an attractive fade effect whenever they hover over an image. One of the best features of this plugin is that it can resize the images for thumbnails automatically. You can even rotate, crop, flip or resize the image within the plugin itself.

Robo gallery

It also has over fifteen hover effects which can be further customised as per your needs. Another feature of this plugin is that you can create Polaroid gallery with your uploaded media. This plugin also has a premium version which comes with some exclusive features including tags for gallery images, smart links, grid layout, customisable grid, clone gallery, gallery statistics, and much more.

#4 NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN gallery plugin

This is an all-in-one media management plugin which lets you batch upload images, edit thumbnails, import metadata, sort photos, delete photos and much more. This plugin offers slideshow and thumbnail gallery and compact and extended album styles which you can further customise by changing the style, transitions, controls, size, lightbox effects and more. This plugin can be used by beginners as well as professional photographers which makes it one of the most widely used image management plugins.

#5 Photo Gallery

It is a responsive image gallery which comes with numerous gallery layouts. It is equipped with numerous gallery options from which you can select various designs and styles to make your gallery more alluring. The galleries created by this plugin are optimised for mobile devices as well which means that your visitors will be able to enjoy your images on almost every device without facing any issues.

photo gallery plugin

It provides you with an ability to customise your gallery by changing captions, icons, and shadows. You can even add images to the gallery from social networking sites and FTP. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of this plugin as it is supported by all the WordPress themes.

#6 Image Pro

Image Pro

Image Pro is another WordPress plugin that allows you to resize, upload and manage images of your website. With this plugin, you can easily upload multiple files simultaneously and resize those images effortlessly. Searching for images can be done with ease as it has filter option in the search bar. In addition to that, with its drag and drop feature, you can easily post images on your website.

#7 Media Cleaner

Unnecessary media on the website could increase its loading speed. The Media Cleaner will remove all the unnecessary media from your website to make it even faster. It removes all the posts, images, and galleries which are not in use and moves it to the trash. It has a built-in trash which contains all the removed files from the plugin.

Media Cleaner

All the files in the internal trash are not in use, and you can delete those files manually by visiting the internal trash. Much like other WordPress plugins, it also has a premium version which includes some exclusive features. Some of those features are scanning unregistered files in the media library, detecting retina images, HTML in sidebars, shortcodes and all the posts on your website.

#8 Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer

When you upload an image on a WordPress website, the database allows you to set the name and alt text of the image. If you want to rename that file, you need to remove that file and re-upload it with the changed name. It is a tedious process especially when you want to rename multiple files. This is where Media File Renamer comes into action. This plugin automatically renames the media file depending on the title for enhanced SEO. With its pro version, you can manually rename the file, rename on the basis of ALT text, and many things.

#9 Slideshow

If you want to showcase your images in a slideshow, then this plugin is best suited for you. The Slideshow is a responsive plugin which can be accessed on mobile devices as well. You can customise slideshow as per your needs and also has a full-screen mode for a richer experience. You can add images, HTML descriptions of images, and videos to the slideshow.

slideshow plugin

Moreover, there is no limit of adding a slideshow to your website. You can add as many slideshows as you want but the performance of website may get affected. It comes with two major effects; slider and fade. In addition to that, adding multiple pictures simultaneously won’t be an issue you can add images in batches. This plugin is compatible with all the industry-leading web browsers and has an auto play function too.

#10 WP Real Media Library

WP Real Media Library

It is an easy to use media library plugin which comes with easy drag and drop feature to add media. One noticeable feature of this plugin is that it allows you to create shortcuts of files which don’t even require any physical storage. Moreover, you get full control over your files by which you can add, delete, or rename the files.

#11 Gallery Manager

gallery manager plugin

If you want an image management plugin which can provide you with JavaScript lightbox effect, then Gallery Manager is the one for you. This plugin allows you to easily manage all your image galleries at a single place. Each of your galleries will have their individual page with a unique link. The lightbox effect of this plugin comes with some additional features like next and previous buttons, title description, slideshow function, thumbnails, full screen images, and image description.

#12 Force Regenerate Thumbnails

force regenerate thumbnails

The Force Regenerate Thumbnails is an open source WordPress plugin which allows the user to regenerate the thumbnails for all the attached images and remove all the old image sizes. It is a great plugin to save some extra space on your database.

#13 WP Media Folder

WP Media Folder

This plugin allows you to add images to folders and subfolders through drag and drop feature. It can easily manage files, and images and is compatible with all the WordPress plugins and major themes. If you were using NextGEN gallery and wanted to switch to this plugin, then with its NextGEN gallery importer you can import all its data effortlessly.

#14 Media Library Assistant

media library assistant

It is one of the most popular media plugins which supports all the major taxonomies including categories and tags. It also has an enhanced search box through which you can search through name, ALT text and caption. Moreover, it allows you to add metadata to the images like file size, location and image dimensions. Apart from that, this plugins offers view filters for different taxonomies and MIME types.

#15 Imsanity

Sometimes the images you add don’t fit in the size of the page. The Imsanity plugin solves this problem by automatically resizing the uploaded images to a size which is more likely to adjust the web page. You can decide the dimensions like max width, quality and height.

imsanity plugin

The program will automatically resize the uploaded image and replace that image with the original one. Moreover, it also allows you to resize the images in mass for the previously added images. You can also convert the BMP files to JPG format for enhanced experience.


That was all about the popular image management plugins. These plugins serve different purposes which will help in making your website better. Some may assist you in making your site fast, and others will help you in handling all the media on your website.

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