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  • Accept Payments on WordPress with Stripe

    How to Accept Payments with Stripe in WordPress?

    One of the major problems faced by every site owner is accepting online payments. If you are running an ecommerce or any membership website where you need to accept online payments, then you need to go through a long process of registrations. Afterwards, you need to connect with different payments gateways and find the most […] More

  • How to Disable Unwanted Widgets in WordPress?

    Disable Unwanted Widgets in WordPress

    WordPress is an open source content management platform that comes with tons of customisation and features out of the box. You can install numerous themes and plugins to personalise your website even further. In addition to themes and plugins, many different widgets can be used in the sidebars which can improve the user experience of […] More

  • How To Fix "Password Reset Key" Error In WordPress?

    How To Fix “Password Reset Key” Error In WordPress?

    One of the most frustrating things for a website owner is a website lockdown. Sometimes the website owners may forget their login credentials which they use to access their site. If they can’t remember their password, then they can quickly retrieve it by clicking the Forgot Password link. There are some situations when the user […] More

  • How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress?

    How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress?

    Adding images to a website not only increases its appearance but is also helpful for enhancing its search engine rankings. Professional photographers use their website as their portfolio which assists their clients in getting to know their work. However, some of the people might download those images and use it for commercial use without giving […] More

  • How to Add Underline and Justify Text Buttons in WordPress?



    How to Add Underline and Justify Text Buttons in WordPress?

    With every new update, the WordPress adds new functionalities and removes some of the previous functions that can hinder the user experience of the user. The same happened when the WordPress released the 4.7 version where they removed the underline and justify buttons. These buttons are solely used for aligning and highlighting text mentioned on […] More

  • How to Prevent Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress?

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    How to Prevent Duplicate Post Titles in WordPress?

    Correct search engine optimization is necessary for a website to rank higher. Though different factors directly affect the raking of a website. Some might help your site in increasing the ranking, while others could bring it down to the bottom and one of those factors is the title of the post. A useful title with […] More

  • Accept Payment in Bitcoins

    How to Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress?

    Back in time, WordPress was only used as a blogging platform, but now it has become the most widely used platform to create websites. It is an open source platform which allows you to create almost every type of site. If you have an ecommerce, then the first issue faced is accepting the payments. Though […] More

  • How to View and Control WordPress Cron Jobs?

    How to View and Control WordPress Cron Jobs?

    Being on schedule is necessary to grow in any field, and that certainly includes websites as well. Some of the website owners use different Cron tools to automate some of the basic tasks. If you are using WordPress, then you should know that there is an inbuilt Cron that runs scheduled tasks automatically. Those functions […] More

  • Learn Lead Generation Like a PRO

    How to Do Lead Generation in WordPress Like a Pro?

    Many people start their business website with an aim to become the very best. However, the first problem they face is of finding sufficient business for their website. People are unaware of the practices which will assist them in getting the work they deserve. If you are among those users, then you should invest your […] More

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