Top 5 Firewall Plugins for Your WordPress Blog


The security of the website is the top concern of every site owner. Though WordPress is one of the safest blogging platforms, but its open-source creation allows the users to change the coding of the website.

Sometimes the users make certain changes which make their website vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks. There are certain plugins available for WordPress which enhances the security of the website by adding a firewall for extra security.

If you are among those users who want to know about these plugins, then below mentioned are some of the best firewall plugins for WordPress.

#1 Wordfence

Without a doubt, Wordfence is one of the best security plugins for WordPress. This is a free to use plugin which comes with an inbuilt firewall. The firewall could block any potential brute force attack, and its security scan feature notifies you about any security issue.


This plugin has a feature called as the Extended Protection which stops every theme and plugin from opening before the plugin itself. This feature protects the website from any attack from the plugins and themes as they are one of the foremost causes of a security breach.

Another great feature of this plugin is that it can block any specific IP address from accessing your website.  All you need to do is monitor the IP address, and if you believe that the IP address is suspicious, then you can visit the advanced settings of the plugin to block that IP.

Apart from manual IP address blocking, its firewall can block all the IP addresses coming from hacking attempts. In addition to that, you can ban an entire country from accessing your website. There are tons of other features of this website, and some of them are spam filtering, scheduled scans, spam checking, recovery tools, regular updates and much more.

#2 Bulletproof Security

The Bulletproof Security is another great security plugin which comes with an inbuilt firewall. This plugin comes with some great features like malware scanner, firewall, login security, and anti-spam. It also lets you create a backup of your WordPress database. You can manually backup the database, or you can schedule the backups. You can also email the ZIP backups which you can use as a cloud backup and delete old backups easily.

BulletProof Security

The free version of this plugin comes with features like hidden plugin features, .htaccess website security, idle session logout, maintenance mode, login security, UI theme skin changes and much more.

This plugin also has a premium version which comes with tons of additional features including quarantine intrusion detection, file monitor system, database status information, sixteen mini plugins, HTTP error logging, custom php.ini security and many others.

#3 All In One WP Security and Firewall

This is one of the most widely used WordPress firewall plugins with 60,000+ active installations. The plugin comes with three setting categories – basic, intermediate and advanced. As the name describes, the basic category includes all the basic settings of the plugin, which you can activate without thinking twice.

All In One WP Security and Firewall

Unlike the basic category, the intermediate and the advanced category contain all the complicated configurations which may affect the working of your website. All these configurations depend on the plugins and themes you are using.

This plugin can safeguard your website from all the brute force attacks. Some other features of this plugin include changing database prefix, fix file permissions, block spammers, website scanning and much more.

#4 Sucuri

The Sucuri is by far the best security and firewall plugins for WordPress. This plugin can protect your website from DDoS, and brute force attacks. Another feature of this plugin is that it can scan your website for any weakness which can be identified any hacker to hack your website.


After finding any vulnerability, the program notifies you and provides you with ways to fix the issue. If you believe that your website has been hacked or is infected with Malware, then this plugin can also clean your website from malware, or even it is disabled by the host.

One of the best features of this plugin is that it monitors your website’s traffic. All the traffic of your website goes through their servers and is closely monitored for any suspicious activity. If the program believes that any certain IP address is suspicious, then the plugin will automatically block the IP address.

Apart from providing the website security, this plugin can also enhance the website performance by decreasing the server load through website caching. It also boosts the website speed through Anycast CDN and website acceleration.

#5 SiteLock

The SiteLock is a complete website security plugin which comes with loads of features. This plugin makes it easier for you to scan any vulnerability in your website coding and files and protects you from any potential hacking attempt. It can also detect malware on your website and can also scan the source code of your website. With its vulnerability remediation feature, you can easily fix all the weaknesses of your website.


Moreover, this plugin can remove backdoors and eliminate malware from your website automatically. The plugin comes with an inbuilt firewall which can protect your site from any potential hacking attempt. Some of the features of its firewall include DDoS attack prevention, backdoor mitigation and protection from SQL and XSS.

The website’s speed plays a significant role in its success. Apart from providing website protection, this plugin can also contribute to enhancing the loading speed of the website.

Server load balancing, unlimited bandwidth and dynamic and static caching are some of the ways through which this plugin enhances the website speed. Some other amazing features of this plugin include real-time issue updates, scanning pages in draft mode, PCI external scan and many others.


Creating a website requires a lot of hard work and efforts. If the website is not secured, all that hard work and efforts could go waste. The above-mentioned plugins will add a new layer to the security of your site which will protect it from any hacking and malware attack.

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