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Blogging Motivation

Back in time, people had no platform to showcase their writing talent, but the emergence of the Internet changed everything. Now people have different blogging platforms to display their ability. Blogging has helped many writers in gaining massive popularity among many readers, mainly because of its vast range. The Internet has its reach all over the globe, making it one of the best writing platforms for the writers.

Not only that, but blogging can be used for businesses as well. Most of the companies have their blogging page on their websites which help their customers in knowing more about their work.

The Blogging Journey

The best part about blogging is that you can write about almost everything. From food to travel to wedding or photography, you can write anything you like. You can provide other with some tutorials, or you can share your reviews about specific products or services which will help others in knowing the things better. Once you have gained a certain number of followers of visitors, you can monetize your blog to earn your livelihood.

Though gaining a large number of followers is a tedious task. Still, there are legions of bloggers who have achieved this and are now working as professional bloggers. There is a big mistake that professional bloggers never made and it is giving up. Many of the bloggers start off with a full motivation, and a never give up attitude.

But, as the time passes by, they realise that their blog is not gaining much attention, and their blog is not able to get as many followers as they expected and give up on their blog. This is the worst mistake that a blogger can commit. The success of a blog depends on the content and the time its writer is investing.

Here are some of the facts and statistics that will keep you motivated and inspire you to become a blogger.

#1 More than 80% of the B2B Companies Blog

Almost every company knows that content has a significant impact on their users. Every potential client researches a product/service before deciding to buy or initiate any contact, and the best way to do this research is through the company website. Reports suggest that more than 80% of the B2B companies prefer blogging.

Having a blog on their website creates trust among the clients. With a blog, the business can connect to its users about their plans, their ideas, and how are they going to achieve their goals. Moreover, blogging will also create awareness about the brand and helps in generating trust with the clients.

#2 Images Attracts More Readers

We all know that visuals attract more than textual content. A blog having just plain texts and no visuals will not only degrade the quality of the blog but will also leave the reader uninterested.  Having pictures and GIFs in a blog will attract 94% more readers and will even make your blog more visually appealing to the readers.

#3 The Average Word Count is More than 1000 Words

Google is the most widely used search engine and almost every blog should be created by keeping the Google ranking algorithms is mind. The Google algorithm prefers quality content.

As per research reports like this, top ranking content has more than one thousand words which provide accurate and relatable information. So, if you want your blog to rank higher in Google search engine result pages, then make sure to add as much relevant content as possible. Read this interesting study on Neil Patel’s blog.

#4 WordPress has More than Seventy Million Blogs

WordPress is one of the most extensively used blogging platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to blogging or has established your name as a professional blogger; WordPress is a platform which is used by both. It also has numerous themes and plugin through which you can customise your blog as per your genre and your reader base.

Another good reason to this platform is that it is free to use and more user-friendly. Maybe due to these reasons, WordPress is installed on 75 million blogs!

#5 More than Two Million Blogs are written Daily

The Internet is a platform which is used by more than 50% of the world’s population, and the users are increasing every year. More and more companies and individual bloggers are investing in blogging, resulting in more than two million daily blog getting written daily. Though their content varies from writer to writer, they are all published on the Internet and a definite role in building digital identity.

#6 More than 40% of the Marketers Update their Blog Daily

To survive on the Internet, one must keep their content updated, and that is what more than 40% of the marketers are doing. They update their blog every day or numerous times a week so that their readers will be updated.

By not publishing content on a regular basis, you may make your readers feel that the blog is dead is not going to upgrade anytime soon. This is the best strategy to survive on the Internet and stand toe-to-toe with your competitors.

#7 Useful Content is Shared More

Almost every blogger wants their content to be shared by everyone who reads it. This could be achieved by making your content more useful to the readers. As per reports, it was found the more than 90% of the users share the content if it is found useful.

Also, Google also prefers quality and more user-friendly content rather than SEO friendly content. So, if you want your blog to rank higher in the search engine result pages and more shareable, then make sure to write useful content.

#8 Blog Traffic Increases by 30% after Publishing 35 -50 Posts

Most of the blogger wants the reader base to increase instantaneously, but it is not possible. The success of a blog takes time and is a long-term process. After a blogger has posted 35-50 posts on the blog, it was noted that there was an increase in the traffic on their blog by 30%. Combining the number of posts with the regular posting of quality content can increase the SEO rankings and the userbase by 30%.

So, these were some of the surprising statistics about blogging which should keep you motivated about blogging.

If you are still not convinced, then here are some of the best bloggers who started from the scratch and are now leading the industry with their writing.

#1 Aimee Song

Aimee Song

She runs a fashion and interior designing blog- She also has a YouTube channel in her name and posts regular fashion and design videos. Moreover, she has more than 4.6 million Instagram followers, and the numbers are increasing steadily.

#2 Chiara Ferragini

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragini is a 30-year-old blogger who started her career as a fashion blogger in 2009. In just two years, she gained a lot of popularity and was profiled as the blogger of the moment by Vogue. During her university studies, her blog reached more than 12 million monthly views and more than one million visitors.

In her blog, she writes all about fashion like latest shopping trends, how to tips, makeup tips, skin care tips and many others. She also has an eCommerce store for fashion trends on the same website. Currently, she has more than ten million Instagram followers and is selected to design costumes for the 4th edition of INTIMISSIMI ON ICE event.

#3 Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne is an Australian based blogger who started her career at the age of 20 as an ecommerce site owner – where she used to model and write. Later, she gave up on her ecommerce side of business and became a full-time blogger. She has won Shorty Best in Fashion Award 2015, Bloglovin’ Best Photography Award 2014 and many others. Apart from that, she has collaborated with some of the recognised names such as Valentino, Chanel, and Chopard.

#4 Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

She is a Dutch blogger who started her career as a fashion blogger after the completion of her master’s degree. She runs where she posts her new fashion and lifestyle tastes. Her Instagram account is quite popular among the youngsters with more than four million followers under her name.

#5 Julia Engel

Julia Engel

Julia Engel started her blog in 2011 when she was in her junior college. Though she got a job in San Francisco, she never stopped blogging, and in 2013, she chose style and beauty blogging as her full-time work.  She has more than a million followers on Instagram. Her fashion style is recognised as feminine and colourful and she often partners with various brands for merchandise promotion.


These were some of the most influential bloggers who started their blog as a hobby or part-time but later made blogging as their profession. With the above statistics and their success stories, it is sure that blogging has a bright future. One thing that should be considered is original content combined with frequency, and the blog will be successful for sure.

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