How to Add “Click to Load” for GIFs in WordPress?

How to Add "Click to Load" for GIFs in WordPress?

Merely having text on a blog is not enough to increase the user experience. Adding media to the blog will support the text and will help the user in finding a connection with the content. Moreover, having media on a website also contributes to increasing the ranking of a website on search engine result pages.

Most of the website owners prefer to add images and videos in the text that can help their users in understanding the content better. However, these media files can significantly increase the website’s size on the server and may slow down the site. The best thing that you can do to avoid this situation is by adding animated GIFs in on the website.

These GIFs are a short clip of a video that is not huge in size and will serve the purpose of the media. The GIFs run on a loop which looks appealing and catches the attention of most of the users. The problem with the GIFs is that it may take some time to load which can slow down the overall loading of the website.

The best solution to that problem is by enabling the click to load feature on your website. As the name describes, when you enable this feature, the GIF will only play when the user clicks on it. It makes your site significantly faster and allows the user to load only those media which they want to see. Below we elaborate the complete process of how you can quickly add the click to load button for GIFs.

Step 1

In the first step, you need to install and activate the WP GIF Player plugin on your website. All you need to do is head over to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the Plugins> Add New page. Now search for the plugin and hit the Install Now button. Make sure to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using it.

Step 2

Now you need to add the GIF to your any of the post or page of your site. Head back to the WordPress admin dashboard and open the Posts> All Posts page. Here you need to look out for the post in which you want to add the GIF and click the Edit button corresponding it.

Step 3

After clicking on the Edit button, you will be taken to the Post Editor screen where you need to click on the Add GIF button. It will open the WordPress media uploader where you need to browse to the directory where the desired GIF is located. Now click on the Insert to Post button, and you will witness a new shortcode in the post. Make sure to Save or Publish the post to add the GIF in the post.


You can now visit your website to check whether the plugin worked or not. The only drawback of this plugin is that it does not add the click to load button to the existing GIFs present on your website. To add this button to those GIFs, you have to open the post editor of each post and add the GIFs using the plugin manually.

Adding GIFs to a website is surely a good thing as it contributes to enhancing the user experience of the site. However, the benefits of GIFs are not limited to just the appearance. Here we present you with some of the benefits of using GIFs on your website.

#1 Attention Grabbers

Without a doubt, a user can judge the website in a few seconds, so only have a nick of time to attract them. GIFs act as the attention grabbers to all the users of the website and look appealing as well. In addition to that, this media is far-famed to perform better than the images or the text.

#2 Less Space on the Server

The only alternative to GIFs is videos which takes a lot of space on the server. In the initial stage of the website, you may not notice the significance of uploading large media files on your site, but you will get to know it after a few years. Every time you upload media, it consumes a small amount of storage on your server. When the storage of your server is near to full, then the loading speed of your website will be notably slow. Uploading GIFs will decrease the server storage consumption and will save the space. Apart from that, videos take too much time to load and take a lot of bandwidth. Animated GIFs are faster to load and consume less bandwidth as well.

#3 Better SEO

One of the major reasons to use media on a website is the search engine rankings. Search engines prefer those websites which have tons of media along with the relevant content. Adding a lot of media significantly slow down the website and may decrease the rankings. As GIFs do not slow down the site, it can help your site in reaching the number one spot on the search engine result pages.

#4 Your Competitors are Doing It

GIFs are used by thousands of website, mainly because of the benefits it comes with. Without a doubt, your competitors are also using it to attract more number of users on their site. You need to make sure that what your competitors are doing, you should do it better. If you are not using GIFs with your content, then you are using a lot of potential readers who can become your subscribers in the future. With that thing in mind, you need to make sure that you are using relevant GIFs with the content so that you can stand toe to toe with your competitors.


There is another alternative to this method, and that is lazy loading, but that can decrease the loading speed of the website. With this method, you can easily add the click to load button for GIFs and let your users decide that when they want to open the GIF.

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