How to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress?

How to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress?

To differentiate the authors, most of the admins choose to display their Gravatar images. These images are displayed on all the sites in which they are commenting or they any content. In most of the cases where the author is working for a specific blog, then its admin might want to display that using the author box which will include a brief of the author and the author’s image as well.

Some of the admins want to show unique photos of their authors. If you are among those admins, then here we present you with the complete method of how you can add an author photo in your WordPress author box.

Step 1

WordPress is most widely used for its customizations and plugins, and in this process, you are going to make use of both of them. In the initial step, you need to install and activate the WP User Avatar plugin on your WordPress site. All you have to do is head over to the WordPress admin dashboard and visit the Plugins > Add New page. Now look out for the plugin and press the Install Now button. Once the installation is complete, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link.

Step 2

Once you have activated the plugin, you need to head over to the WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the Avatars page. Here you can see different configuration options for the plugin, but you need to enable the Show Avatars option. You can make any other changes you want in the plugin, but make sure to click on the Save Changes button after configuring the plugin.

WP User Avatar Settings

Step 3

After making all the changes to the plugin, you need to open the Users page from your WordPress admin area where you can see all your authors. Look out for the author of whom you want to add a photo and click on the Edit button below it which will open the Edit User window.

Step 4

In this screen, you need to head over to the Avatar section which can be found at the bottom of the page. Now click on the Choose Image button and upload the image as the author photo. Upon uploading, make sure to hit the Update Profile button to keep the changes.

Edit User Window Avatar Section

If you have enabled your users to upload the image to their profile, then they can follow the same process to add or change the image. In addition to that, if you want to remove the picture, then click the Remove Image button in the Edit Users screen and save the changes.

You can now visit your website to check whether the plugin has worked or not. The plugin will replace the author’s Gravatar image with the uploaded image. Many different plugins are available in the WordPress store that will help you in performing the same task easily, and some of them are:

#1 IndiaSan User

The plugin is dead simple to use and allows you to add an author image with ease. All you have to do is install and activate this plugin, and you are good to go. Just open the Edit Users window and upload the image that you want for the author and save the changes. The uploaded image will be displayed everywhere on your website where the author is mentioned.

IndiaSan User

#2 Author Image

As the name describes, this plugin is specially made to add author image to your site. Unlike other plugins, this plugin creates a widget that can be used in any of the sidebars to display the author information. The process of uploading the image is the same, just open the Edit Users screen and upload the picture. In addition to that, it also allows you to set the size of the image. You can customize its size in the widget. Moreover, if you want to display the uploaded image in the post or page, then you can paste a shortcode provided by the plugin in the content.


This was the complete process of adding an author image to your WordPress site. You can use any of the plugin mentioned above as they are specifically made for this work.

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